Dan Moody Investments was established on a solid foundation of finance tradition that spans several generations. Traditional values set in the context of international finance has determined Dan Moody Investments corporate philosophy - "helping to build the future".

Our heritage spans more than 20 years of investing in communities, people and the industries we serve. We are a progressive finance institution, endowed with a strong financial structure and a visionary management, in addition to a loyal and growing customer and correspondent capital base.

Dan Moody Investments has remained loyal and committed to our customers for 20 years! And we intend to continue serving you with more passion and professionalism for even longer.

Providing corporate, personal, private, offshore and correspondent financial products, we offer highly personalised service through our international network of associates, subsidiaries and affiliates. Dan Moody Investments, a technology pioneer and leader in the financial sector offers a wide range of financial products and services complemented by innovative delivery channels.

With our vast and extensive knowledge in the finance industry joining us today will be an assurance for nothing less than growth and and financial security. Irrespective of your size or sector of business our experienced team of professionals will always be there for you.

With our award winning performances, we offer our clients unmatched financial services. Our host of professional employess, executive management and board of directors have endeavoured for a cummulative 70 years to bring you nothing but perfect solutions. Experience our warm welcoming smiles from our professionals. We are only here to serve your best financial needs.

Our Vision

To be the world's most respected financial institution based on trust, service and commitment to customers' financial needs.

Corporate Goals & Objectives

To provide medium and long term loans for development oriented projects through the mobilization of domestic foreign resources. Assist in the revival of the key sectors of the economies to create jobs, reduce poverty, and encorage the efficient use of the human and natural resources while ensuring profitability and sustainable operations to achieve business growth, significant market share, and returns/value to all stakeholders(customers, staff and shareholders).