Equity and Stocks

Dan Moody Investments finds the right private equity services partner to support you with the day-to-day management of your funds, so you can focus on core activity: developing products, generating returns for your investors and identifying new opportunities. We can help you meet the changing requirements throughout the fund lifecycle and measure the performance of your funds as they evolve.

Private Equity

Our corporate private equity operation is a global business, we are one of the leaders in private equity investing, having managed several private equity funds. Our corporate private equity funds have invested in 215 companies in a variety of industries and geographies in pursuit of their investment objectives. From an operation focused in our early years on consummating leveraged buyout acquisitions, we have grown into a business pursuing transactions throughout the world and executing not only typical leveraged buyout acquisitions of seasoned companies, but also transactions involving growth-equity or start-up businesses in established industries, minority investments, corporate partnerships, distressed debt, structured securities and industry consolidations, in all cases in strictly friendly transactions.

Equity Capital

Dan Moody Investments’s Corporate Finance Division offers expertise in IPO’s, secondary offerings, corporate stock buybacks, strategic equity and convertible securities, supporting our clients’ growth strategies and future initiatives of our clients. We assess alternative structures and provide best solutions. Our services start from structuring to closing the deal. We identify the best means of raising equity whether through private placements or public offerings. We will value your company, prepare the information memorandum, and identify investors to raise equity from the general market or strategic partners.

Fund Compliance Services

Cross-border trading can actually extend and further diversify your portfolio and even open the potential for launching new products and accessing new markets. Our global team of compliance experts cover all key jurisdictions and enable you to benefit from the unparalleled regulatory support of a team of experts based locally in your jurisdiction. We provide our clients with cross-jurisdictional compliance solutions that deliver a robust framework that allows you the freedom to make investments, market and domicile your fund, wherever you want. Be safe in the knowledge that your compliance partner is able to support you with any local regulation or law globally, while you focus on producing returns.

Fund Accounting and Performance Analysis

We offer flexible and scalable fund accounting solutions that promote rapid adoption, reduce operational risk and keep pace with regulatory change. Our portfolio analysis and performance measurement solutions gives you concise reporting of your portfolio’s composition, results and delivers one of the market’s most comprehensive data sets.