Corporate and personal financing solutions

We offer a wide range of lending products in the areas of personal lending, corporate lending and investment banking, combined with access to strong capital base. Our solid foundation and extensive industry knowledge allows us to execute financing that supports your business objectives.

Corporate Finance / Capital Structure Optimization

At Dan Moody Investments, we walk you through the process of identifying and procuring the appropriate capital type and structure that are consistent with a business' short and long-term objectives, through newly-sourced and redeployed capital which allow for equity risk diversification, improved cash flow and accelerated growth as desired.

Structured Finance

Our Comprehensive industry expertise involves the detailed review and analysis of all facets of your financial situation to assist you in raising capital through unconventional means and low risk investment products for our investors. We constantly generate innovative solutions that mitigate and/ or spread a project’s risk across various financial institutions working with acclaimed banking institutions, world development funds, export credit agencies, insurance companies and governmental institutions to issue financial risk instruments/ contracts and assist in raising low cost capital.

Capital Restructuring

At Dan Moody Investments, we understand that the business environment is constantly evolving, presenting opportunities and challeges along the way, that is why we conduct thorough and rigorous research and analysis process in order to advice our customers on trade of assets and capital restructuring to improve their monetary position eand reap greater returns.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We support our customers through mergers and acquisitions process, from assessment phase to execution phase. Our services encompass identifying goals, finding and evaluating targets, transaction modeling, financing assistance, deal negotiation, and deal closing, developing optimal disposal routes, valuation analysis, screening candidates, providing negotiation, bidding, and execution. We offer one-on-one services with an emphasis on confidentiality. In addition, we believe that mergers and acquisitions are key to renewed value and produce planned synergy effects.

Asset finance

Dan Moody Investments is renowned in the field of asset financing, we have extensive knowledge in the field of asset finance procedures and laws affecting leasing and financing transactions in many developed and developing jurisdictions. We regularly represent airlines, arrangers, lessors, lessees, lenders, and other participants in a broad range of transactions to finance the acquisition of transportation, manufacturing, high-tech, and industrial equipment. We have developed capacity in both tax-based and non-tax based lease financings involving high-value equipment, particularly aircraft.