Investment and Wealth Management

Dan Moody Investments provides we take great pride in working side by side with our clients to understand their financial needs so as to ascertain the right choice and mix of investment options. We provide the highest standard of personalized services including but not limited to legacy planning, advisory services, investment portfolios management, real estate and business assets.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Dan Moody Investments we offer discretionary portfolio management Services for individuals and institutions worldwide. Our investment team expertly create customized portfolios across all traditional and alternative asset classes to help our clients in acquiring, preserving, growing, and enjoying their wealth. Our diversified, discretionary portfolio incorporate a mix of Dan Moody Investments and other third-party investment solutions across the spectrum of asset classes – GCC, international and emerging market fixed income and equities, as well as alternative investments – based on the individual/corporate needs.

Custody & Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

We offer our valued clients reliable and cost-efficient safeguarding of their assets along with fulfillment of administrative duties. For those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments, we offer the non-discretionary investment management service whereby we contact clients to advise and discuss investment matters according to their needs and requirements. No transactions are carried out without the client’s approval. Clients can make informed choices about your investments based on our research and knowledge of world markets. They also benefit from advice on specific investment ideas, portfolio construction and innovative investment strategies.

Fund Management

Our fund management team strives to deliver consistent, strong performance for its investors. Our skill is in helping our clients to understand their choices, and then making the right investment decisions for them, we assess their goals, priorities, and risk appetite and provide a complete financial solution that facilitates medium and long-term growth. We manage traditional assets with a fundamental approach, our team adheres to robust risk control processes and procedures in order to protect and enhance clients’ assets. A disciplined and well-laid investment process, the analytical capabilities of our top managers and risk management facilitate in-depth knowledge of market opportunities.


We offer our clients, who want to trade directly on the financial markets without the benefit of advice, access to institutional dealers and trading specialists. You can execute simple trades through our brokerage team in a cost-efficient manner. Clients who want to have direct control of their investments can trade a wide range of securities including single bonds and equities as well as foreign exchange. Our brokerage team strive to deliver your investment objectives and financial goals, by bringing to bear their collective experience as well as the best of our research and investment capabilities on your behalf.